Earn passive income by providing IoT wireless coverage around your house or business

We supply a free microcell to provide wireless coverage for IoT devices such as scooters, watches, soil sensors, mouse traps, or other IoT devices that uses a small amount of data. Be part of the people’s revolution to provide affordable wireless service while getting paid!

What is the bottom line?

We provide an IoT microcell for you cover your location, you get paid for providing coverage

Revolutionize Wireless

Be part of making wireless connectivity more reliable and more affordable. By simply participating you are becoming part of the wireless revolution and earn income while making the world a better place.

Doesn’t Interfere with other Microcells

IoT Microcells use their own wireless network. It doesn’t use wifi and can be placed near a conventional wireless router, just plug it in to an open router port. It uses LoRaWAN technology which uses less power to provide IoT devices data service.

Smart and Intuitive

Easy to setup, easy to use, you just collect your earnings every month. Even non-technical “normies” can use this IoT Microcell. We are here to support you!

Set It and Forget It

Once the IoT Microcell is setup, which typically takes less than 5 minutes, just keep it connected to power and internet. It can be left alone for years earning income passively. If there are any issues, we will work with you to fix it so you can keep earning.

Energy Efficient

IoT Microcell use 15W or less, less than a standard lightbulb making energy use insignificant.


There are 100’s of thousands of these deployed around the world. All devices are tested to be secure by security experts and FCC certified.

How It Works

How a typical onboarding process works

You sign up and provide the location you intend to place an IoT Microcell

You provide your contact information and the physical location you intend to place it. We need the contact information to contact you and will never spam you. The reason we need your location is to remotely verify that it will be in a good location that needs more IoT coverage, not every location is a good fit but the majority of locations are very good areas. We’ll let you know either way and schedule an onboarding.

Site Survey

We perform a site survey to confirm you are in a good location. If its a fit we’ll reach out to confirm with you your site is a good fit as well as prepare to show you what others in your area are earning. Earnings drastically vary by location.

Onboarding Appointment

Either virtually or In Person, we will ship you an IoT Microcell and setup a time to help you set it up and confirm how you would like to be paid.

Watch Your Earnings

Rest and watch your earnings come in, if there are any issues we’ll reach out to keep it earnings coming in. Earnings are dependent on the traffic processed but always come in. Typically IoT Microcells can earn between $10 and $1000 a month with most earning between $50 – $200 a month.

How do Sharkero Microcells Earn Income?

IoT Microcells process traffic, verify the locations of other IoT Microcells to keep the IoT Wireless Network Healthy.

Here is a breakdown of where earnings come from:

Processing Data Transfers


Keeping the Wireless Network Resilient


Our Simple
Straight-Forward Model

We believe in transparency and helping to build the network with rewarding those who help build it

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